What Is Your Money Buying You?

Let’s face it. Sooner or later you have to ask yourself the following questions: What am I doing with my money? And what should I be doing differently?In a society that constantly provides us with various opportunities to spend our money however we see fit, we have to decide not only what we give our attention to, but ultimately what we give our dollars to. Certain incentives like gym memberships or Groupon vacation deals might trigger us to spend our hard-earned dollars. After all, who’s going to turn down a 7-day all-inclusive deal to Dominican Republic for $700, right?

The Value of Your Values

If you haven’t figured it out by now, certain products entice everyone differently because we all have different values. If you want to learn something about yourself, pay close attention to what you spend your money on. If you enjoy traveling, then your money will be spent on various travel excursions. If you are health conscious, then you will most likely spend your money on things that provide you with a healthier lifestyle (ie., whole foods, gym memberships, etc.,). If you are altruistic, then you will most likely donate your money to a particular cause. My point is, you spend your money on products and services that give you the most satisfaction and value for your buck!

The Value of Your Dollars

So what is your money buying you? Is it buying you satisfaction and fulfillment in your everyday life? Is it buying you the leisure time and opportunity to spend with your friends and family? Perhaps you spend your money on a babysitter so that you can enjoy a night on the town with your spouse. Is it buying you more meaningful relationships? Is it buying you the healthier lifestyle that you’ve been desiring? Or better yet, let’s look at another perspective. Is your money buying you more stress? Maybe you just got a promotion on your job and now have to take on additional responsibility. Is your money buying you more debt? Maybe the more money you get, the more you spend on a luxury car or other material things. Keep in mind, sometimes earning the extra money to buy nicer things can cause more stress in our lives and make us less happy and fulfilled.

You’re in Control!

Let’s pause and think about this for a minute. Your money is supposed to be a tool that is not only used to provide the main essentials in life, but also to make life itself more meaningful. I’m not saying that money buys you happiness (in contrast, the most valuable things in life cannot be bought with money), but it can enhance the experience of the most valuable things in your life. Maybe you’re thinking of taking your kids to the most magical place known to man, Disney World! Or perhaps you’re looking to reduce the stress in your life by registering for a weekly yoga class? Whatever your aspirations are, just remember to do one thing: Put your money where your mouth is! You must gain control of your money in order to buy the things in life that are meaningful to you!

The Audacity to Plan Ahead

Are you unsure about how your money is being spent? Is your money buying you the fulfillment you deserve? Well, I have good news for you: It’s not too late to figure it out! You simply need to ask yourself some questions. One of which is, where is your money currently going? When you figure this out, you’re on the road to gaining control of your money. But remember, you also need to have a sense of direction for your money. This can only be accomplished by establishing some personal financial goals. Your goals should combine your core values with your expected outcome. You need to have the audacity to plan ahead! After all, that’s what all successful people do! They don’t sit around and wait for the right opportunities, but they create the right opportunities by being proactive and working towards their own purpose.

If you’re still unsure where to start, that’s okay! We’re here to help you get on the right track! Contact us here for a free consultation! And also check out our newest e-book, “Money Matters: Seven Tactics to Maximize the Potential of Your Money.” You’re one step closer to gaining control of your finances!

Written by Justin Brown

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